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Are You Compliant? A Marketer's How-To Guide to Privacy

As legislative requirements around audience protections change, you need a plan for ensuring your organization's privacy compliance is airtight.

The Are You Compliant? course provides step-by-step lesson plans for helping marketers solidify their strategy and earn audience trust.

It's drafted specifically with marketers in mind and is meant to help you understand which steps you need to execute within your team, and which information you should reasonably share with IT and Legal so they can establish norms and processes on theirs.

Course Syllabus:

  • Background Primer: How did we get to privacy regulation? Why do marketers need to care about compliance? What audience protections are coming?
  • Lesson 1: Know and Audit The Data You Hold. Given that audiences in the U.S. will now have more rights to viewing and informing how you use their data, it's important that you have a baseline understanding of what you have on-file. Marketers will need a voice into what data is important to retain.
  • Lesson 2: Implement Cookie Compliance. EU residents are already able to opt-out of cookie tracking, and U.S. states are following suit. Prepare your site with cookie notices optimized for audience opt-ins so that your analytics information stays robust enough to inform your marketing strategy.
  • Lesson 3: Update Your Privacy Policy. You’re required to inform your audiences about how you collect, use, store, and disclose their personal data. Marketers play a key role in disclosing to audiences all of the ways you're using their data.
  • Lesson 4: Gather Consent and Update Forms. Prepare your audience information forms to meet privacy guidelines and opt-out practices so that your lead generation and email marketing programs comply. 
  • Lesson 5: Understand Third-Party AccessIf third parties are doing work on your behalf, they'll need to align with your privacy policy. You'll also need a plan for safe data transport and storage.
  • Lesson 6: Operationalize Access Requests. Based on new U.S. state laws, you'll need to create and communicate a plan to allow users to access, correct, and delete their data. You'll also want to aggregate learnings so your marketing insights remain intact.

You’ll finish this course with a complete picture of what makes up privacy compliance, how you can take the next steps to gain audience trust, and what you need to ensure your marketing program maintains healthy data.

It's organized in an easy-to-understand fashion, including:

  • A One-Time Compliance Checklist of steps to becoming privacy compliant
  • A corresponding learning module for each step.
  • A Rolling Checklist of tasks that need to be completed annually.
  • Bonus Content for earning audience trust

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