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Agility Lab Consulting, located in Washington, DC, helps business leaders reach their audiences free from worry about ever-changing shifts in technology, algorithms, and audience attention.


I've been there.

I’ve spent the past 16 years working in marketing, revenue-generation, and technology roles, and I know the weight that comes with trying to stay ahead of change. You’ve got the pressure of communicating UP about risks while managing a team to stay on top of execution, all while not scaring anyone too much AND delivering that 10% year-over-year growth goal. It’s a lot, yeah? Yeah.

As demand for privacy has grown, the list of to dos is becoming more dense and confusing, especially as Big Tech is incentivized to prioritize their own bottom line. I built the solutions that I would have wanted to purchase when I was working in-house - clear, customized roadmaps and services for staying on top of change, doing the double duty of brokering internal org consensus about the path ahead. 

Let me take some of the weight off of you.


I'm Elyse Wallnutt.

I specialize in assessing and helping you right-size and reinvigorate your internal solutions portfolio – including current-state approach to content strategy, financial projections, tech stack integration, media investments, and user experience design – and using findings to build an integrated vision that refines KPI targets and breaks down channel silos.

I’ve had the privilege of helping to scale the brands below from both in-house and agency settings. You can find my portfolio here. As the marketing landscape changes, I'll come alongside you to help you prepare. See how I can help.

Outside of work, I design snarky greeting cards, run, chase my dogs, and battle my three brothers in Wordle daily.

"Elyse is driven to continually improve performance for her programs/clients and approaches every project with a bold combination of curiosity and determination."

- Elyse Morelli, The Nature Conservancy

"Elyse's ability to break down complicated ideas into tangible goals and present results has consistently earned trust - often leading to huge financial and brand growth."

- Ben Podnar, Equal Justice USA

"Elyse is a bright star, and I would recommend her to any company seeking a leader to help define their acquisition strategy."

- Ryan Grimes, Zeus Industrial

"Elyse's insights for taking a campaign to the next level - more like exponentially improving it, actually - are unparalleled. Her ability to identify gaps that our team hadn't even considered and make brilliant strategic recommendations for growth that actually gets exactly at our outcomes not only made the 100% clean campaign that we worked on with her that much better, but improved all of our future digital work."

- Sally Hardin, Center for American Progress

"Elyse’s digital ads audit was a huge help to our team. Her recommendations were very specific and actionable, and she had clearly taken the time to learn about our brand and limitations, resulting in realistic suggestions that were grounded in our work. I especially appreciated that some recommendations were more technical, while others were bigger picture. She also went above and beyond by looking into customer privacy and discussing lead gen more broadly, which helped shape future conversations with leadership. We have already updated our privacy policy and have a solid framework for some FY24 ads we are planning to spin up!"

- Carson Bear, NCARB

Stay ahead of change.

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