Meet your audiences where they are.

The list of competing factors you have to consider in your marketing and audience acquisition approach can seem never-ending. Protecting both your brand reputation and your bottom line relies on your ability to relay to your audience that you care about their concerns.

My solutions will take your team from feeling overwhelmed by the breakneck speed of change to being in control and command. You'll be better able to forecast impact, take calculated risks based on your vision for your brand, and understand and guide where your investments are going.


Private or Team Coaching

I'll help you build the strategic framework to grow your business, package your ideas, and foster team creativity.

  • Brand Blueprint Package: I'll lead your team through strategic sessions to establish your brand profile, define your audience’s headspace to establish key messages and develop your offers, and nurture leads through your funnel.
  • Innovation Incubator Package: I'll facilitate How Might We? sessions to level up your benchmarking and brainstorming.
  • Position + Pitch Package: I'll help you build your investment ask for board or leadership funding. 

Protect Your Brand and Prepare Your Team

My frameworks will equip your team to understand the changing state of customer acquisition and build proper working groups and timelines for achieving each of the four key initiatives you need to execute to protect your brand and stay ahead of privacy changes. From first-party data acquisition to compliance, we'll cover all of your bases.

My plans takes all of the research and guesswork out of understanding the legislative and tech shifts to come and makes it easy for you to plug in and execute.


Project-Based or Ongoing Support

I offer strategic support in the form of retainer or hourly-rate packages. Contact me to talk about your needs.

  • Paid media audits, campaign planning + investment strategy
  • Pro forma modeling 
  • Content governance, monetization strategy + roll-out
  • Lead gen + nurture strategy
  • First-party data acquisition strategy
  • Brand positioning and offer development
  • Copywriting
  • Guest speaking and authorship

Book a Strategic Consult

I've delivered $39M+ in net new revenue for organizations over the past five years. I built the digital activation campaign for the clean future plan that powered the majority of President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act. And I've saved organizations an average of 18% of their annual marketing expenses with efficiencies gained in tech stack and contractual enhancements.

I deeply understand what is to be agile in the face of ever-changing shifts in technology, algorithms, and audience attention - and that sometimes you need support in prioritizing.


Stay ahead of change.

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