It IS the right time for innovation and investment.

Today's economic environment is an uncertain one - a phrase we're all too familiar with now. Beyond the broader landscape, tech changes will likely add to a downturn in your efficiency margins. All of this might make you hesitant to push for new investments.

Instead, think of this as a moment to test new funding streams and gather important data points that will help you mitigate future risk.

Private or Team Coaching

Are you struggling to structure and pitch investment ideas to your board? Need help facilitating growth and brainstorming discussions within your team or with other organizations? Need to clearly develop and articulate attention-grabbing content and offers?

I'll help you build the strategic framework to grow your business, package your ideas, and foster team creativity.

Coaching Options Available:

  • Brand Blueprint Package: Using my Differentiate, Understand, Cultivate framework, I'll lead your team through strategic sessions to establish your brand profile, define your audience’s headspace to establish key messages and develop your offers, and nurture leads through your funnel to the point of conversion. This is meant for teams who need some help with brand positioning or offer packaging to push your growth.

  • Innovation Incubator Package: Whether it's for a specific campaign or large-scale innovation, I'll facilitate How Might We? sessions that bring together the right stakeholders from across your organization to level you up and achieve your business goals. I can also help you form strategic partnerships with likeminded organizations willing to benchmark and brainstorm.

  • Position + Pitch Package: I'll help you build your investment ask for board or leadership funding. We'll formulate your monetary and non-monetary asks, build your financial forecast documentation, and craft your pitch so it meets stakeholders where they are. Together, we'll provide a holistic view into how upstream marketing tactics will impact bottom-line revenue so your leadership team feels confident funding your initiative. 

Packages above can take the shape of one-time sessions or ongoing consulting, dependent on your needs. 


"Elyse is driven to continually improve performance for her programs/clients and approaches every project with a bold combination of curiosity and determination."

- Elyse Morelli, The Nature Conservancy

"Elyse is not only a talented strategist but an excellent problem solver, people manager, and budget wrangler."

- Catherine Floyd, Atlassian

"Elyse is a bright star, and I would recommend her to any company seeking a leader to help define their acquisition strategy."

- Ryan Grimes, Zeus Industrial

"Elyse's ability to break down complicated ideas into tangible goals and present results has consistently earned trust - often leading to huge financial and brand growth."

- Ben Podnar, Equal Justice USA

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