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My Pivot Preparedness Packages - the Four-Step Data Autonomy Framework™ and the Get Smart Quick session - equip your team to understand the changing tech environment and privacy landscape and build a plan for executing key initiatives to protect your brand and stay ahead of acquisition costs.

You'll be better able to forecast impact, take calculated risks based on your vision for your brand, and understand and guide where your investments are going.

Four-Step Data Autonomy Framework™ Package

This framework is custom for your team and gives you everything you need to re-envision your acquisition strategy for change. Beyond the basics of understanding privacy and compliance, this package equips you to pivot your investment planning, diversify your marketing strategy, and audit your known insights for scale.

How does it work?

I’ll lead your team through a full-day session that addresses the strengths and opportunities of your brand's current approach to audience trust-building, guides discussion around which consumer inputs you already have and those you'll most need in creating a first-party data strategy, and builds the structure for executing four key projects you need to put in place ensure you're prepared for upcoming privacy legislation and technology changes. We'll address them in my custom phased approach: Analyze, Develop, Integrate, and Comply.

After, I’ll deliver a customized step-by-step roadmap to follow, with scheduled quarterly check-ins. No guesswork. Just plug in your team and execute.

What's included?

  • Your day-long session customized for your team

  • Findings distilled into blueprint for you to take forward into execution.

  • Three quarterly milestone check-in points. Check-ins can be used for making any needed adjustments to your project roadmap or to dig into any planning with which you need extra support.

  • Email support in-between check-ins and four “just in time” 20-minute check-ins to use at any point during the year.

  • While you’re free to implement on your own or choose any execution partners you’d like, you can hire me to assist or I’ll introduce you to qualified, pre-vetted partners and tools to accomplish your plan.


Get Smart on Tech Privacy Quick: Briefing and Q&A

If you're new to understanding the impact that privacy is having on your marketing and revenue-generation efforts, book me to brief your team on privacy and what it means for your objectives. This is a quick-hit session that helps to give you all of the information you need to operate, along with time allotted for your team to ask questions.

How does it work?

I'll lead a virtual 80-minute briefing and Q&A with 3-4 members of your team to overview how we got here, the regulation requirements and consumer trends you should be watching, and what this means for projecting brand, acquisition, and tech performance.

You'll leave this session feeling clear on what's important for your focus at this moment in time.

Sessions book out a week in advance.

Pricing also available for larger-group briefings. Contact me to discuss.

If you're looking for custom-to-you support, the Four-Step Data Autonomy Framework™ is the better solution for you.


Frequently asked questions


Question: Why should I prioritize understanding privacy and its impact this now?
Answer: Right now, twenty-two U.S. states are considering privacy legislation, while five are already moving forward with restrictions in how you can conduct your marketing in 2023. In addition, third-party cookies are being eliminated across the tech sphere. 80% of marketers are reliant on these cookies. Take a look at the full State of Privacy. These changes are a matter of when, not if, and you will feel the impact. Instead of waiting to be caught off-guard, let's get ahead of that, while also building your brand reputation by asserting consumer trust.

Question: Who should attend these sessions?
Answer: We'll engage the team you imagine will take the role of project leads, which will likely be 3-5 key internal players, depending on your structure. We'll customize this answer during your consult.

Question: How much time will be expected of my team for the Four-Step package?
Answer: The pre-session survey should take you no longer than an hour. The timelines to execute each project after the one-day session vary (i.e. updating your privacy policy could be less involved than building a tech API). The process will cover how soon you need to launch each phase to ensure you're hitting key external milestones, such as legislation and tech shifts.

Question: Why should I invest?
Answer: I built the Four-Step framework because it's what I would have wanted to purchase while running an in-house team. This process is meant to help deconvolute the privacy landscape, give you clear eyes into what's most urgent to address, provide you with an outside party who can help you build internal consensus and educate stakeholders about risk and reward, and give structure to your internal working groups to execute. Learn more about my credentials.

The briefing package is meant for teams who may be smaller, are in client services, or are just getting their hands around their strategy for addressing change.


"Elyse is driven to continually improve performance for her programs/clients and approaches every project with a bold combination of curiosity and determination."

- Elyse Morelli, The Nature Conservancy

"Elyse is not only a talented strategist but an excellent problem solver, people manager, and budget wrangler."

- Catherine Floyd, Atlassian

"Elyse is a bright star, and I would recommend her to any company seeking a leader to help define their acquisition strategy."

- Ryan Grimes, Zeus Industrial

"Elyse's ability to break down complicated ideas into tangible goals and present results has consistently earned trust - often leading to huge financial and brand growth."

- Ben Podnar, Equal Justice USA

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